Fully-automated production line to assemble solar steam generator NOVA-1.

Novatec Solar has developed a detailed and transparent set of performance indicators allowing to determine the net thermal energy yield of its solar fields depending on target operating parameters and site specific solar irradiation.
These guarantee performance values can be applied from early stage project evaluation up to long term asset monitoring over the live time of the solar field.

Stage 1 – Energy Yield Calculation
The performance indicators form the basis for the performance model which is applied to calculate the economical feasibility of a specific CSP project opportunity based on Novatec Solar’s CSP technologies. The Novatec Solar Performance Modell is publicly available in the NREL’s (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) System Advisor Model (SAM).

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Stage 2 – Contract Finalisation
The same guarantee performance values are being used to determine Novatec Solar´s solar field supply in the solar field EPC contract. A detailed computer model reflects the technically specified performance of the solar field and becomes part of the contract.

Stage 3 – Technical Acceptance
Once the solar field is assembled, the actual performance of the installed solar field can be checked against the modeled target values calculated – under prevailing the meteorological conditions.

Stage 4 and 5 – Long Term Performance Monitoring
The same model can be used to compare actual with target yield values over the life time of the solar field allowing to observe monitoring of the long term performance of Novatec’s solar field. Such level of transparency on energy performance as well as respective evaluation tools are a unique feature of Novatec Solar, lowering significantly the investment risk on CSP projects based on Novatec Solar´s technology.